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4th July 2017: Leicestershire convincingly won their National U100 final against Warwickshire 8½ - 3½ at the Trident Centre, Warwick on Saturday. It's the first time Leicestershire have won the title in this section since the the competition began in 1995/96 which is well before 8 of the 12 players (all juniors) in action for Leicestershire were born. The margin of victory was impressive for a National final and the scoresheet makes for extremely solid reading with wins for Joseph Ward-Langman (unbeaten in 6 games in the U100s this season and equal with George Worrow-Goodin on 4½/6 in points for the team), John Mckiernan, Stephen Matts, Umar Syed, Sasha Kerbel (making his U100 debut) and Jason LV and a further 5 draws by other team members (see full scoresheet below).

From the first game to finish (a win for Sasha Kerbel) to the last (an impressive and patiently mature win by youngest team member Umar Syed) Leicestershire were always in front and never allowed Warwickshire to get into a threatening match score position.

The results this season wouldn't have been possible without a larger squad of players than were able to represent the team in the final. The full squad of 21 comprised:

Joseph Ward Langman, George Worrow Goodin, Stuart Hollingworth, John Mckiernan, Mick Adams, Stephen Matts, Anika Khare, Paul Martin, Umar Syed, Sasha Kerbel, Rory Haywood, Jason LV, Thomas Blay, Reg Agger, Paul Mottram, Milly Kotecha, Parag Kotecha, Trevor Woods, Mick Griffiths, Neil Roberts, Stewart Gordon

Neil Roberts (njhammer@ntlworld.com) will be taking over the U100 captaincy next season (he kindly took on the role of non-playing captain for most of the final) and Paul Mottram (chess@paulmottram.com) intends to run a U120 team. Contact from players interested in playing would be most welcome. Report by Paul Mottram

11th June 2017: The County first team lost by 9 - 7 to Suffolk in the Minor Counties semifinal on Saturday. Not as close as the scoreline suggests as we were 7-2 down rather early on with a collapse of the lower order. We also still lack a volunteer to run the team next season. Fuller report to follow, the scoresheet is below.

11th June 2017: The County U100 team beat Surrey convincingly 7½ - 4½ in the National Semifinal on Saturday at Brogborough in Bedfordshire. They will now contest the final on July 1st against Warwickshire, who perhaps surprisingly knocked out Notts in a close match in the other Semifinal. Once again half the Leicestershire U100 team was made up of juniors and collectively they had a particularly successful day with all six scoring points for the team. George Worrow-Goodin (4½/5) and Joseph Ward-Langman (3½/5) remain unbeaten all season in this competition. Wins were achieved by Mike Griffiths, Stuart Hollingworth, Umar Syed, Rory Haywood and Jason Liacheng LV. The full scoresheet is below. Report by Paul Mottram

22nd May 2017: The County U100 team qualified for the National Semifinals in fine style by beating Lancashire 8-4 in the their quarterfinal. The foundation of the victory was laid by a particularly strong performance from the top boards with 6 points scored from boards 1-7. Again 6 of the team were juniors and George Worrow-Goodin on board 2 lengthened his winning streak to 4 in the U100s this season. Joseph Ward-Langham, taking promotion up to board 1 in his stride, achieved a good draw and maintained his unbeaten U100 season so far. There were also victories for the Syston '3' (Stuart Hollingworth, Mick Adams and Reg Agger), Paul Mottram, Thomas Blay and Paul Martin. The full scoresheet is below. Report by Paul Mottram

18th May 2017: There were insufficient entries to require a preliminary round of the Minor Counties, so Leicestershire played the quarter final against Cornwall on May 13th, winning 14½ - 1½ . We were 3 -0 up in the first hour against a weakened Cornwall team. At least Martin Burrows had a good game against IM Andrew Greet and narrowly lost a rook and pawn ending, going the full playing distance and keeping us there until 6.00pm!! As we left, his Wigston compatriots were still arguing he had a draw, he was having none of it. The semi- final will be a much tougher affair against Suffolk on 10th June, venue still to be agreed.The full scoresheet is below.Report by Graham Booley.

20th February 2017: The County U100 team lost their final Midland group U100 match against Nottingham 5-7 on Saturday 18th February at Bramcote and so finish 2nd to Nottingham in the final group table but still qualify for the National Quarterfinals in May. With the exception of George Worrow-Goodin (who achieved a 3rd straight win in this competition) the top 5 boards struggled. Wins however were achieved by Jason Liacheng LV (aged 10) who was making his U100 team debut) and also Reg Agger. Joseph Ward-Langman (unbeaten in all 3 U100 games) and Paul Martin both secured draws. The full scoresheet is below. Report by Paul Mottram.

20th February 2017: The County team had a poor result on Saturday in losing to Lincolnshire, although the score was 9-7 and we were particularly successful on the top boards, in reality we lost the match with 4 boards still in play. Had we won the match we would have been joint Midlands champions as Worcestershire lost to Notts. It was pleasing to see a winning debut from Tom Brown, a few more junior players would be nice to see. Another fine win from Shabir who seems to be going from strength to strength, 4 wins from 4 matches, my thanks as always to the players who stood in for the absentees. The full scoresheet is below.Report by Graham Booley.

25th January 2017: The County team beat old foes Nottinghamshire by 9 - 7 on Saturday 21st January. In a hard fought match between to evenly graded teams, we needed to win the 2 remaining boards in play to claim victory and the 2 Syston boys ( Shabir and Bob) managed to secure the points. The full scoresheet is below.Report by Graham Booley.

The next match is a crunch match away to Lincolnshire on 18th Feb , we need to win to be sure of national qualification. The venue is likely to be the usual office place in North Hykenham

20th January 2017: The County U100 team won their 2nd group match in decisive fashion 11½ - ½ playing at home against Staffordshire. Six juniors played and all won! Having won both matches thus far, Leicestershire are already assured of passage through to the National quarterfinals in May alongside rivals Nottinghamshire, whom they now play in their final Midland group match to decide who tops the group table. The full scoresheet is below. Report by Paul Mottram.

6th December 2016 : The County fielded its strongest team for many years as Leicestershire thrashed Warwickshire 14½ - 1½ to make amends for the poor showing in the previous match, although some of the games were not as straight forward as the score suggests and 6 games went almost the full 5 hour session. I am grateful to Mark Hebden for making himself available for the match and it was good to see the return of Brandon Clarke to the county team. Also a warm welcome this season to 2 new players Rafal Malczyk and Nghia Dong. The full scoresheet is below.Report by Graham Booley.

The next match is against local rivals Nottingham 21st January, unfortunately we cannot repeat our stellar line up as some players have already declared their unavailability.

29th November 2016 : The County U100 team opened their season with an encouraging 7-5 win over Warwickshire at the junior's training base at Westleigh. Eight of the team were made up of juniors, who collectively managed to score 5½ of the team's points total. The match was even closer than the scoreline might suggest due to Warwickshire losing their board 2 match due to their player's mobile phone going off. With just one game still in progress the scoreline was 6-5 to Leicestershire and Anika Khare, aged 10, showed a very cool head to secure the victory with many players from both teams watching her every move with rapt attention. George Worrow-Goodin, Milly Kotecha, Joseph Ward-Langman and Rory Haywood also secured wins for the team with draws from Reg Agger and Umar Syed. The full scoresheet is below. Report by Paul Mottram.

31st October 2016: The county first team lost to Worcestershire by 8½ - 7½ on Saturday, the scoresheet is below

Leicestershire are running two teams in the MCCU county fixtures this season, 2016-17, a First team and an Under 100 team.

Here are the county team fixtures.


1st Team

29th October 2016 - Leicestershire v - Worcestershire - lost by 8½ - 7½ - Scoresheet

3rd December 2016 - Leicestershire v Warwickshire - won by 14½ - 1½ - Scoresheet

21st January 2017 - Nottinghamshire v Leicestershire - won by 9 - 7 - Scoresheet

18th February 2017 - Licolnshire v Leicestershire - lost by 9 - 7 - Scoresheet

13th May 2017 - Cornwall v Leicestershire - Minor Counties Quarter Final - won by 14½ - 1½ - Scoresheet

10th June 2017 - Suffolk v Leicestershire - Minor Counties Semi Final - lost by 9 - 7 - Scoresheet

Captain: Graham Booley 01509 816974 or email graham@acecleaningcompany.co.uk


Under 100 Team

26th November 2016 - Leicestershire v Warwickshire - won by 7 - 5 - Scoresheet

14th January 2017 - Leicestershire v Staffordshire - won by 11½ - ½ - Scoresheet

18th February 2017 - Nottinghamshire v Leicestershire - lost by 7 - 5 - Scoresheet

21st May 2017 - Lancashire v Leicestershire - National Quarter Final - won by 8 - 4 - Scoresheet

10th June 2017 - Surrey v Leicestershire - National Semi Final - won by 7½ - 4½ - Scoresheet

1st July 2017 - Warwickshire v Leicestershire - National Final - won by 8½ - 3½ - Scoresheet

Captain: Paul Mottram 07989 151175 or email paul@paulmottram.com m

Some matches may be played at a neutral venue – see captains for details


*** Anyone wishing to play for any of the county teams please contact the relevant captain *** Captains are always keen to give players the opportunity to play for the County.

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